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Feel Supported, Be Your Best

Empower yourself with the support you need to make an impact without burning out.

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Feel secure, supported, nourished, and fulfilled

Flourish for Non-Profit Leaders is a virtual community and coaching program designed to support and hold space for the leaders supporting their teams and guiding change in their communities.

Feel a renewed sense of connection to your mission

Be at your best - energized, present, and motivated

Support your team, empower them to create lasting impact

Continue to create meaningful change in the community you serve

Connect with a group of like-minded, supportive leaders

Space to heal and recover, with guidance from world-class coaches

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Is Flourish Right for You?

This program is designed for non-profit leaders who
  • Are facing increased challenges and resistance in today’s climate, often feeling overwhelmed and burned out
  • Have achieved success and are now serving in leadership roles
  • Wish to sustain your passion for creating change and inspiring your team
  • Lead a mission-driven team that depends on your daily professional and emotional support
  • Need guidance navigating the unique pressures of an election year and economic uncertainty
  • Are deeply committed to justice and equity
  • Seek renewed energy and a supportive community to fuel systemic change

We Understand Your Unique Challenges

At Flourish, we recognize the unique pressures and demands faced by non-profit leaders. Our experienced coaches have worked extensively with professionals in the non-profit sector, helping them combat burnout and regain their passion and drive.

Identified themselves as approaching or experiencing burnout.

Non-profit organizations identified burnout as a significant challenge in talent management.

Consider leaving their positions due to overwhelming stress.

Our specialized coaching sessions are designed to address these specific challenges, providing tailored strategies and support to help you thrive. Join the many non-profit leaders who have transformed their lives with Flourish. Let us help you regain your energy, motivation, and fulfillment so you can continue making a difference in the world.

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What Our Participants Say

Hear from non-profit leaders who have transformed their lives with Flourish. Discover how our tailored coaching sessions have helped them overcome burnout and thrive in their roles.

I was overwhelmed and ready to leave my job, even though I loved the mission. The Flourish program was a turning point. It helped me recognize and overcome my burnout. Despite my circumstances staying the same, my perspective shifted, and I regained my energy and hope. Now, I uplift and inspire those around me.

Flourish taught me it's okay not to have everything figured out. Invest in yourself, keep going, and be the light for others to stay focused on your mission and impact.

Davine Ligons Snead

Vehicles for Change
VP of Development

We've Worked With Non-Profit Leaders From:

How Our Virtual Program Works

Our 8-week virtual program is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. Each week includes structured activities and support to help you combat burnout and thrive in your role:


Identify where your mental and physical energy is going and how to better allocate it to create the perfect balance between advancing your purpose and caring for yourself.


Explore your core beliefs and begin building a sustainable framework for your personal and professional life.


Deepen your understanding of your beliefs and further develop your vision and goals framework to support long-term success.


Focus on implementing key changes (habits and mindset shifts) to advance toward your vision, and develop a system to maintain and build upon progress.

We offer sliding scale pricing to ensure accessibility for all participants, with full scholarships available through the generous support of our philanthropic partners.

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Experience Our Transformative Virtual Program

Our program offers a well-rounded approach to combat burnout and enhance your leadership skills
  • 8x 90-minute virtual group coaching sessions
  • Day-long personal retreat experience to reset, rejuvenate, and gain clarity
  • Continuous support between coaching sessions with guided activities and coach check-ins
  • Community of like-minded non-profit leaders
  • Minimal time commitment for maximum impact
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