Take action to live your rich, satisfying life now!

  • Start with one thing, make real progress toward the life you want
  • Amplify your motivation and energy with lasting change
  • It's easier than you think - our evidence-based approach is key
  • You are not alone - take steps together with coaches and community

We've helped employees from these companies be their best self

Self-Care Routines

Start by picking your path

  • Automate self-care routines like meditation, exercise, weight loss, spirituality, quiet time, and more... 
  • Overcome lack of motivation, procrastination and laziness with easy methods based on Stanford Behavior Science 

Relationships & Connection

  • Spend, regular quality time with family and friends—remove work, distance, time, tiredness, guilt, and differing views from the equation

Career & Work

  • Align your interests, desire for impact, growth trajectory, physical location, and financial needs
  • Support to plan and execute, the time and space, encouragement, and guidance you need

Personal Expression

  • Feel a renewed sense of inspiration and joy from working on creative projects, volunteering, making art, photography, practicing an instrument, or learning new things

Change happens one step at a time. Pick the Path below that aligns with your "one thing."

Feel happier, healthier and more energized!

Create meaningful moments with family and friends!

Finally make the work-change you're craving!

Get excited about life outside of work!

"I feel really good about this process - it’s been life-changing for me. I’m more comfortable setting boundaries, and I feel more present as a result. When I’m doing something, I no longer find my mind wandering to all the other things I could be worrying about. It’s allowed me to take back control of my life, and I’m reveling in how this program has caused so many things to come to the forefront for me. I’m completely amazed." —Linda, Tech Administrator

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