Role: Product Marketing Consultant

Group 158

About the role

We’re on a mission to help every human realize their full potential

Flourish, a company tackling the burnout epidemic, is looking for a fantastic product marketing consultant who can design and execute (either have the full-stack of skills necessary to execute OR skills to direct a team of contractors) on tests to improve marketing funnel performance, guided by user research.

This individual must:

  • Be a research-oriented, hypothesis-driven thinker who can employ user research principles and experience to develop clear hypotheses around what isn’t working with current funnel (or what will work)
  • Bias to action: quickly develop, prioritize, and execute on tests to improve funnel performance
  • Have a broad-ranging skillset conducive to execution, including: user research, brand strategy, copywriting, and light graphic design 
  • Ability to direct a team of contractors to design and build landing pages, manage email campaigns, and produce sales collateral (e.g., 1-pagers)
  • Collaborate effectively with performance marketer
  • Have 7+ years of experience

Bonus, but not musts:

  • Expertise in performance marketing and/or graphic design
  • Expertise with high-ticket info/coaching products
  • Experience with offers for female leaders and executives

Time commitment: ~10-15 hours per week to start

Compensation: cash 

We strongly encourage applications from people of color, persons with disabilities, women, and LGBTQIA+ applicants.

To apply, reach out to with a resume/portfolio and brief statement about why you’re a great fit!

About Flourish

Being stressed is the exception - not the rule.

Our Vision

At Flourish, we believe that changing the world starts by changing ourselves. Unfortunately, in today’s society, “busy = important” and pulling all-nighters is considered a badge of honor. Life is, more often than not, characterized by feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and out of our control. But things don’t have to be this way.

Imagine a world where life has more space, being stressed is the exception – not the rule, and each of us can show up more often as the best version of ourselves. When that’s the case, imagine the possibilities!

Our Values

Our vision is the destination. But how we take each step on our path is just as important. Our values guide us in how we show up each and every day.

• Authenticity

we align our actions with our words with our values

• Start with why

we begin with the end in mind and believe that why we do what we do matters most

• Be at cause

we are proactive and know we have the power to influence the world around us

• Loving-kindness

we are grateful, generous and kind with each other

We won’t always be perfect, but we can give our best effort. These aren’t our only values but these are where we aspire to spike relative to others.

• Grit

we work hard, expect to stumble, but always drive to results

• Flourishing

we prioritize taking care of our whole selves

• Learning

we are excited by tackling problems we’ve never seen before; we ramp up quickly; we are always doing things better than last time

• Whole-brained

we are analytically rigorous and emotionally intelligent

Meet the team at Flourish

Naveed Ahmad

Co-founder & CEO

Naveed’s aspirational personal mission statement is to create a just, peaceful, prosperous world by helping all beings realize their full potential.

Richard Mancuso

Co-founder & President

Richard is passionate about helping everyone realize their full potential. His own experiences with burnout provided inspiration for HUMAN FIRST.