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Group 158

Richard Mancuso | Co-founder & President

Richard is determined to vastly improve the delivery and outcomes of healthcare in the United States. Like Naveed, he believes the fundamental challenge in healthcare is the prevention of chronic disease – we all know the things we should do to stay healthy and happy, but we’re not great at making them a part of our daily lives.

Inspired by Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, and others – Richard is obsessed with identifying the habits and routines healthy, wealthy, and happy individuals have in common, and making them a part of his life. In his own journey with habits, Richard has built routines around exercise, diet, meditation, sleep, finance, productivity, and creativity. He is passionate about sharing his learnings with others to help them realize their full potential.

Richard is currently co-founder and president of Flourish, where he oversees marketing and growth.

Prior to co-founding Flourish, Richard worked on patient experience at DaVita Medical Group (formerly HealthCare Partners). He was also an early employee at Augmedix where he was a Business Development Associate, and where he and Naveed first met.

In his spare time, Richard serves on the Board of Directors at For A Reason, a non-profit focused on providing differential educational opportunities to students in Haiti. He also enjoys playing music and cycling.

Richard graduated with honors from Claremont McKenna College, where he studied Philosophy and Economics. He wrote his senior thesis in applied ethics.