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Our evidence-based professional development program can help you regain energy, motivation, and fulfillment so you can get back to feeling your best and showing up how you want for your loved ones.

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Non-profit Customer Success

I registered for Flourish to find tools to help me with burnout – I found way more than that. Flourish gave me the space and guidance to face the reality I had been avoiding and transform my life. It is a journey to get where I am going but I know I now have discovered the tools to help me get there.

Meet the team at Flourish

Liz Doyle Harmer

Mindful Leadership Expert

Liz supports organizations in growing leaders who can thrive and rise in a complex, diverse, and unpredictable world. She specializes in mental fitness training, human-centric leadership and elevating diverse talent.

Ashley Beall

Enrollment Coach

Ashley finds purpose in speaking to individuals who are experiencing burnout and supporting them in finding a sustainable solution.

Naveed Ahmad

Co-founder & CEO

Naveed’s aspirational personal mission statement is to create a just, peaceful, prosperous world by helping all beings realize their full potential.

Richard Mancuso

Co-founder & President

Richard is passionate about helping everyone realize their full potential. His own experiences with burnout provided inspiration for HUMAN FIRST.

You're not alone, and there is a way out. At Flourish, we've helped thousands of successful professionals create rich, fulfilling lives.