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Reconnect with what truly motivates you in our 4-week program.

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Human first is a 4-week program including a day-long intensive that will help you discover and reconnect with what motivates you so you can live a whole life.


Develop your personal vision statement

Do the deep work to develop a vision for the life you truly want to live based on the things that matter most to you. Understand how work fits into that life.


Begin to integrate your personal vision into your life

Integration support and coaching will help you align the life you’re living with the one you truly want to live so you can regain a sense of authentic energy and motivation.


Strengthen and develop supportive relationships

Develop supportive and insightful relationships with a cohort of like-minded humans. Strengthen your existing relationships with those that will support you in the life you truly want to live.

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Non-profit Customer Success

I registered for Human First to find tools to help me with burnout – I found way more than that. Flourish gave me the space and guidance to face the reality I had been avoiding and transform my life. It is a journey to get where I am going but I know I now have discovered the tools to help me get there.

Meet the team at Flourish

Naveed Ahmad

Co-founder & CEO

Naveed’s aspirational personal mission statement is to create a just, peaceful, prosperous world by helping all beings realize their full potential.

Richard Mancuso

Co-founder & President

Richard is passionate about helping everyone realize their full potential. His own experiences with burnout provided inspiration for HUMAN FIRST.

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